Friday, April 9, 2021

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EPM 11.2: How to check FDMEE application patch version

Its important to know the current patch version of your EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) products/applications, especially when you are planning to apply any new Oracle patches or want to check the compatibility of existing EPM applications with any other products/software/tools.

For FDMEE (Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition), you can check its current patch version using following methods:

1. AIF_version.xml (more reliable method):

This is the most reliable method because when you apply any new patch to FDMEE, this is the file which will be updated with the new patch level so it always shows the current version of your FDMEE application.

On FDMEE server, you can find AIF_version.xml file in the following folder:


When you open this AIF_version.xml file, FDMEE version will be displayed as shown below:

EPM 11.2: How to check FDMEE application/patch version

2. Workspace (Not always the true reflection of the current patch level of EPM products)

To see your EPM products versions in Workspace, navigate to: 

Workspace-->Help-->About Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Workspace, Fusion Edition

You would have seen on many occasions that the EPM products version number shown in Hyperion Workspace do not match the patch versions that have been recently applied in an EPM environment.

It happens because EPM java web applications versions shown in Workspace are sourced from Shared Services registry (logical web application entry--displayVersion property).

EPM 11.2: How to check FDMEE application/patch version

Further the versions displayed in Shared Services registry are sourced from some property/configuration files of the respective EPM products which get updated immediately after applying any new patches. For example, in case of FDMEE, its is AIF_version.xml file as mentioned in method-1.

Sometimes, applications version shown in Workspace or the displayed version shown in Shared Services registry does not get refreshed from the respective source file of that application. And that's when you see a mismatch in version shown in Workspace and the actual application version. And that's why method-1 is more reliable one to know the FDMEE current patch version.

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